What is this? Derek Sivers explains.

TLDR: This is not Twitter or Facebook. You won’t find my latest picture or my thoughts on the latest news. This is to answer the question, What is Michael focused on?

What I’m doing now

I’ve been busy taking on a new role at Ookla. I moved from Software Engineering Lead working on the Core API team, to the role of Product Manager in charge of Technical Licensing.

My main responsibility is working with partners who want to use the engine that empowers Speedtest in the form of SDKs, APIs, and embedded integrations.


What was I doing in the past?


Started my project to try and read a book written by every serious 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee. I read and enjoyed Joe Biden’s Promise Me, Dad and Cory Booker’s United last year.

Plan is to also read:


Moved my wedding website off of Squarespace and into a basic Jekyll site hosted on Github Pages. Not nearly as pretty but a decent way to capture the content and host for free.


Got Travis setup on this blog, now master pushes go to prod!


Tracking down some open source to contribute to for Hacktoberfest 2018.


Been very busy while Mosaik was in the process of being acquired by Ookla. Now getting ready to marry the girl of my dreams.


Been studying Go more closely by reading Donovan and Kernighan’s The Go Programming Language. Also been refreshing my Agile knowledge with James Shore’s Art of Agile.


Continuing to work on this website.

Been following TRTLCoin, there is a good getting started here. The Discord is a good community to join to learn more as well.

Also been looking at volunteering some time for Run for Something which helps people who want to run for office for the first time.


Collecting my notes, ideas, and recollections into this website.


Trying to stay warm in the snow.


Celebrating Christmas with my family.

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